Luciano Berio

This month (and year so far) I’ve been focusing on practicing, building consistent practice habits, finding exercises and a routine that keeps me at the top of my game technically, and also creatively. To that end, I’ve been playing Berio’s Sequenza I for solo flute. I find it extremely valuable to do some research about … Continue reading Luciano Berio

Alto Flute

The alto flute is one of my favorite flutes.  It definitely beats piccolo.  It has a very mellow sound, sometimes almost woody, other times very ethereal.  It’s especially fun to improvise on because all the percussive sounds are much louder than on my C flute.  It turns out that Theobald Boehm (any flute player should … Continue reading Alto Flute

Classical Lore -Beethoven

Beethoven was an amazing composer.  He was also rather arrogant, though history seems to have decided it was warranted.  Beethoven's music is incredibly popular in the classical world, a popularity that began during his life time and has endured until today.  His music never really went out of style or was abandoned as earlier composers … Continue reading Classical Lore -Beethoven