Cancelled-Solo flute at Shapeshifter Lab

Due to some space issues, Neue Forum has temporarily suspended their shows.  Performance alert: I'll be playing a set of solo works based on narrative on Shapeshifter + presents Neue Forum on March 13th. Shapeshifter Lab March 13, 9pm 18 Whitwell Place $10 Works by Jesse Diener-Bennett, Brian Ferneyhough, Amy Beth Kirsten, Salvatore Sciarrino, and Dennis … Continue reading Cancelled-Solo flute at Shapeshifter Lab

Alto Flute

The alto flute is one of my favorite flutes.  It definitely beats piccolo.  It has a very mellow sound, sometimes almost woody, other times very ethereal.  It’s especially fun to improvise on because all the percussive sounds are much louder than on my C flute.  It turns out that Theobald Boehm (any flute player should … Continue reading Alto Flute