Luciano Berio

This month (and year so far) I’ve been focusing on practicing, building consistent practice habits, finding exercises and a routine that keeps me at the top of my game technically, and also creatively. To that end, I’ve been playing Berio’s Sequenza I for solo flute. I find it extremely valuable to do some research about … Continue reading Luciano Berio

Classical Lore -Beethoven

Beethoven was an amazing composer.  He was also rather arrogant, though history seems to have decided it was warranted.  Beethoven's music is incredibly popular in the classical world, a popularity that began during his life time and has endured until today.  His music never really went out of style or was abandoned as earlier composers … Continue reading Classical Lore -Beethoven

Guest Post! Some Thoughts on Ways of Listening

Hi everyone! My name is Jesse Diener-Bennett. I am not Anne Dearth. But, like Anne, I am a musician working in the New York new music scene. Anne invited me to write a guest blog post, and who am I to say no to such an amazing, talented, beautiful performer? (Full disclosure: I am also Anne’s … Continue reading Guest Post! Some Thoughts on Ways of Listening


This month I've been focusing on listening more.  And not simply having music playing, but really paying attention, conscientious listening.  Listening to the things I like and new things, help me figure out where I'm at in this crazy musical journey.  It's my way to check in and see what's changed and what hasn't. Here's … Continue reading Listening