Happy New Year!

Why hello internet, it's been a while, I'm glad you're still here.  I'll try to keep in touch better in the coming year. First new recording: Shame for speaking alto flutist by Jesse Diener-Bennett Second, some reflection on the new year.  As I was thinking about 2015, I was also (inevitably) thinking about 2014, and … Continue reading Happy New Year!

How to keep your sanity while working a day job

I feel like getting too caught up in a job is something that happens to artists and actually almost any young person coming out of college now.  Our generation has had it rough, no jobs, what used to be an entry-level job that paid you money (that you could then use for rent and food) … Continue reading How to keep your sanity while working a day job


Practicing is hard for me when I don't have a specific goal.  I don't have lessons every couple weeks anymore, and thus no deadlines for learning etudes or pieces.  I've had a few gigs here and there, nothing too exciting, and also nothing difficult enough to require any practice time beyond warming up.  Despite this, … Continue reading Practicing