September Updates

This month is a planning month.  I’m trying to get a couple different projects moving forward that will happen this winter and next spring, and because of that, I  don’t have a lot going on for this month.  This month is mostly just random gigs, not a whole lot of interesting new music or flute activities.  The biggest thing I’m doing this month is playing for the September run of Tom Jones, which is a new musical running at the Theater for the New City.  If anyone is interested in checking it out, the info is below.  But mostly this month, I’ve cut back my day job hours a bit and am using my extra time to really work on my music.  I would have never guessed how much of a commodity practice time is when you’re out of school and working.  Even working part-time makes it really hard to practice regularly.  But anyway, I’m correcting that this month.  It’s finally cooling off, (it’s almost fall weather), and I no longer have to rig all the fans to blow on my so my flute doesn’t slip off my face.  Keep an eye out for some new recordings soon, I have some premieres from spring that I’ll be getting the final recordings for soon :)   Tom Jones Sept. 5-22