End of Summer

Yes, I know it’s approaching the end of October, but this fall has felt like a long continuation of summer to me.  It hasn’t actually gotten that cold yet, and I’m still picking up my weekly produce box from the CSA I participate in.  But now, it’s been consistently sweater weather for the last week, and we’re on the second to last week for the summer CSA, which has been switching from tomatoes and corn to beets and squash for the last month, it finally feels like this extra long, hot summer is ending.  When things end, I like to think about what’s happened and looking back on this summer, there’s a lot of good memories and things I’m proud of.  To sum it up, I got to work with a lot of musicians I admire, people who I like, and to play good music.  And in the middle of it all, I took a trip to Michigan and hung out on the lake for a few days.

Lake Michigan summer '13

my vacation :)

Contemporaneous at LPR Aug. 2013

Contemporaneous at LPR with Jherek Bischoff, photo by Mark Shelby Perry

It doesn’t get any better than this.

So on to Autumn, bringing pumpkin and soup back into our lives.  Everyone is starting their seasons, giving me too many concerts I want to see and not enough time.  I’m excited to see what this new season will bring.