Spring Updates

Let’s all take a minute to reflect on how nice and sunny it’s been this week in New York.  It’s so much nicer to practice in the sun and see the blue sky than for everything to look gray.  Also, the snow melted and I no longer have to mince my way through all the intersections so I don’t slip on the ice, which is a nice perk.  I have a few things happening this spring I’d love to share.

First, I’ve been organizing a new classical music concert series in my neighborhood called the PLGArts Chamber Music Series.  The first concert is March 23 at 3pm and it features Duo Anova.  They’re amazing and will be great in our opening concert.  The organizing and planning of this concert have been pretty much taking over my life for the past few months, as I tried to figure out how to make everything happen.  If you’re interested in attending, look for the facebook event and RSVP to chambermusic@plgarts.org.

Second, I’ll be playing with Contemporaneous in Bodiless, a new opera by Gabrielle Herbst. I’m really excited to be part of this project; I saw the premiere of it, unstaged, last spring and was blown away.  It’s going to be amazing in Roulette, (a much bigger space with more flexibility) and I hope every one will come support the amazing organization putting it on.

I still have a few projects in the works, which I’ll announce as I get them figured out, (the glamourous life of a freelancer…)