Improv Project – Day 5

After a unplanned couple days off because I went to New Jersey and spent some time on the beach, I’m back on track.  Today, I did the two notes a day again, but with a different interval, and I explored some different ideas.  I really like using these couple exercises (what note is next and 2-note improvs) as ways to get back into improv, that allow you to isolate the foundational skills necessary to be comfortable and enjoy improvising.  Usually, I’d be using these exercises as warm-ups, and I think after today, I’ll start moving toward that, putting up recordings and talking about just plain old free improv, graphic scores, or doing improv with a prompt of some kind.

So here’s my two notes improv for today, again with pauses between each 30ish sec clip.

Today, I chose a half step interval, and was just exploring the ways to use that half step in interesting ways.