Updates and Announcements

There are a few new things about my site, most obviously, it looks different.  I was playing in internet/editing land and came upon a new look that lets me do more things that I want to with my site, so I took a leap and changed it all.  There might be some things missing, or that got messed up in my overhaul, please let me know if you spot anything glaring that I missed.

Second new thing, there’s a new page: Kleio Muisc.  Kleio Music is a concert series I started last spring with my solo recital in Michigan. The idea behind it was driven by my need to know more about the pieces I play and hear than who wrote it and when they were alive.  So, in that vein, every piece performed has a mini-lecture introduction with more info about the composer, the style of music, how it fits into music history, and some major things to listen for.  Each concert also has an underlying theme; the first concert was flute music in the twentieth century, the second will be focusing on the fringes of tradition in American classical music.

That brings me to my third exciting thing, a recital announcement.  Kleio Music will have its NYC debut on April 29th at 8pm, at South Oxford Space in Brooklyn, NY.  More info here. I’ll be joined by Maya Bennardo and Karl Larson, and it’ll be the world premiere of a new solo alto flute work by Jesse Diener-Bennett.

Hope to see you there!!!