Kleio Music: Fringes

Kleio Music is having it’s first concert in NYC!

The New York debut, Fringes, focuses on American Music. The program ranges from sacred music descended from the very first American hymns to boundary-breaking female composers, genre-bending innovators from the 20th and 21st centuries, and composers who explored the outer edges of musical thought.

Fringes features three vibrant, virtuosic musicians: myself; Maya Bennardo (andPlay, Ensemble Moto Perpertuo), violin; and Karl Larson (Bearthoven, Permutations), piano.

Kleio Music presents: Fringes
April 29th, 8:00pm
South Oxford Space
138 South Oxford Street
Brooklyn, New York

$10 in advance/$12 at the door
Tickets available on Eventbrite

American Traditional: Complainer from The Sacred Harp
Amy Beach: Allegro moderato from Violin Sonata, op. 34
Ruth Crawford Seeger: Diaphonic Suite no. 1
Morton Feldman: For Aaron Copland
Jesse Diener-Bennett: Shame (World Premiere)
George Gershwin arr. Jascha Heifetz: Preludes
Bill Ryan: Blurred



I, (along with Jesse who is co-producing this concert), are busily wrapping up our research, rehearsing, and gearing up for a big publicity push, and we need your help to make sure Fringes is funded. Please check out our Kickstarter video and consider pledging any amount you feel comfortable with. Your contribution helps Kleio Music continue presenting innovative concerts in New York and elsewhere.

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