Concert Announcement!

It’s a new year, a new season, and I’m playing some music in Michigan next month. flute-organ-concert-announcement-october-16-2016-landscape

Dr. Timothy Huth is an organist in the Detroit area. He actively promotes concert music for the organ as well as new works. He previously was the organist at the First Presbyterian Church of Dearborn for nearly ten years before moving on to other opportunities. He received his DMA from the University of Michigan where he studied with Marilyn Mason.

The venue, the main sanctuary of First Presbyterian Church, houses a rare concert (Aeolian Skinner) organ. This wonderful venue also provides an extraordinary visual and listening space for flute and the two instruments together combine to achieve musical heights that are truly unique. The concert consists of both duets and solo pieces prepared that will soar and sing in this architectural gem (An Alden Dow landmark structure).

Check out the Facebook event for updates as we get closer to the date!

I’m so excited to be going home and for the chance to work with Tim Huth again. We’ve played together a lot, beginning when I would play in church as a wee undegrad at UMmich. We’re playing some really interesting pieces; I’m performing a (new-to-me!) work by Salvatore Sciarrino which should sound amazing in the large open church, and Tim’s premiering a new organ piece by Jesse Diener-Bennett.

Hope to see you there!