Composer Highlight: Dennis Sullivan

Dennis Sullivan is a composer and percussionist in NYC and I’m premiering his new work Uncreation this Saturday. It’s been so amazing working with Dennis on this piece I though you all would like to get to know the man behind the sounds.

What is something you would like the audience to know about your piece?

The piece is concerned with mapping unusual timbral qualities onto the flute that we otherwise don’t hear.  It is a piece concerned with zooming way in on small actions and innards.

What was your inspiration/mind set when writing your piece?
The inspiration is directly linked to the explanation above.  I like the sounds of little mechanisms at work.  I like all of the sounds our mouths make before, in-between and after our words.  Small, sometimes uncomfortable little sounds.
Do you have any non-music related traditions that you do to get your creativity flowing?
No rhyme or reason, really.  I will say, dense, aggressive and heavy music gets my blood flowing and usually results in me getting SOMETHING done.  That could mean writing Anne a piece.  That could mean cleaning the bath tub.
How do you take your coffee and what’s your favorite coffee accompaniment (food/snack/cake/etc)?
BLACK.  My favorite accompaniment to coffee is usually a bit more coffee.