2019 News

Several bits of news:

I’ll be attending the Atlantic Music Festival at Colby College (Maine) this July as a resident artist fellow, performing in the Contemporary Ensemble. Information about the concerts I’m performing on are in the sidebar and a full list of events is available at atlanticmusicfestival.com.

I’m moving to Denton, TX to pursue doctoral studies at the University of North Texas.

Moving to Ohio nearly two years ago, my aim was to get out of NYC for a while and have the space and time to really focus on my own projects –  NW Ohio was a great place to experiment with N/A Ensemble. I’m grateful to the musical community here for all their support and for all the mistakes and learning I gleaned from my time here.

At the same time, I struggled in Ohio – it’s not the quite the liberal college town I was expecting and, for all that I grew up about an hour from my current location, I’ve adopted too many urban/east coast sensibilities to be happy living in such a tiny, rural town. I am excited to be returning to a large urban area (Dallas) and to a liberal college town (Denton).