Alto Flute

The alto flute is one of my favorite flutes.  It definitely beats piccolo.  It has a very mellow sound, sometimes almost woody, other times very ethereal.  It’s especially fun to improvise on because all the percussive sounds are much louder than on my C flute.  It turns out that Theobald Boehm (any flute player should … Continue reading Alto Flute

December 1st

I hope everyone made it through Nov. 30, aka OMG all of these applications are due TOMORROW! For those of you recovering your sanity, here are my favorite internet things for you to peruse as you bask your post-application deadlines glow. Some new music to give you a break from Bach and Mozart: Eleven Echoes … Continue reading December 1st

Intro to Multiphonics (and why they’re awesome)

As a young player I was terrified of multiphonics.  I saw someone perform Fish are Jumping by Robert Dick when I was in high school and immediately thought, “I can’t do that, it’s so hard” and also “why does it sound so bad.”  This was the start of my fear/dislike of contemporary music.  Yes, I … Continue reading Intro to Multiphonics (and why they’re awesome)