December 1st

I hope everyone made it through Nov. 30, aka OMG all of these applications are due TOMORROW! For those of you recovering your sanity, here are my favorite internet things for you to peruse as you bask your post-application deadlines glow.

Some new music to give you a break from Bach and Mozart:

Eleven Echoes of Autumn by George Crumb, Playground Ensemble

Credo In Us by John Cage, Third Coast Percussion


For those of you in NYC:

Robert Dick, Andrew Drury, and Joshue Ott, perform at Spectrum.

Dec. 4, 8 and 9:30pm

$10 for one set, $15 for both

Free ICE concerts at Roulette. Click here for the dates and information.


Some silly things to laugh at and forget that one note you flubbed in your recording…..

Buttermilk “playing” with her friends

Disney Ladies from Last Night

How Do I Put This Gently

My  Drunk Kitchen


And some food porn….

Food Gawker

Smitten Kitchen

Sprouted Kitchen

Lottie and Doof

Not Without Salt

Nerdy Nummies


And some resources to help you drown your sorrows…with class, because we’re grown-ups.

Good Wine under $20

There will be Bourbon


Best of luck in all your college/grad/summer festival endeavours!