Improv Project – Day 7

Today, I decided to use a format for my improv that I learned at UMich in my very first introduction to improvisation.  The format is simple, an improv in AB format, where A is un-pulsed and B is pulsed.  I feel like I need parameters to help me sometimes when I’m improvising, just to give me somewhere to start.  I get lost and unfocused sometimes when I don’t have any limiting factors, and giving myself totally arbitrary limitations helps me practice.  I also think parameters help classical musicians who are new to improvisation; sometimes the total freedom to do anything is too overwhelming for musicians who have very rarely been asked to make up anything beyond a cadenza for Mozart and ornaments for Telemann.  Limitations make it a little safer, allowing them to take the first step to becoming a confident improviser. Here’s my improv in AB format: I hope you enjoy my slightly cheesy ending :) I think that, based on this recording, I need to work more with pulsed and un-pulsed improv.  It was hard to stay in my sections, I kept wanting to creep into more rhythmic playing in the first half, and un-timed playing in the second half.  I feel like it lost a little focus overall because I was struggling with the rhythm.  I also added almost no textural elements, which I think are a really  important and interesting characteristic of the flute in particular, and also of improvisation in general.  I know what I’m working on this week! Happy Musicking!