Improv Project – Day 10

Today, I wanted to do something that would force me into unfamiliar territory, so I put the challenge to myself to record an improvisation with multiphonics as an important feature.  This also forced me to really think about how multiphonics are used in music and what about them I wanted to explore.  This was really hard for me, part of it was that I’m slightly out of practice on my multiphonics, and part of it was that I wasn’t sure how to create a texture that utilizes the unique things about multiphonics on the flute.  It took me a few tries to sort of settle in and figure out how to use them beyond just throwing one in here and there for effect.  It may still have some elements of that, but it’s better than what I started with, which is the most important thing about practicing.  Also, side note, the recording quality of this is iffy, my levels were off and I didn’t have time to fix it, tomorrow’s will be better :)

Improv with multiphonics: