Improv Project – Day 11

Today, I improvised in the style of Mozart’s GM flute concerto, Mvt. 2.  I did something inspired by Mozart, using some of his themes, to try and get a better grip on what I’m working on.  This is a interesting way to practice that puts me in the composer’s shoes for a minute.  It makes me think about the function of certain parts in his work, and what I did to replicate that particular function.  What came out was sort of a cadenza for the movement, but only sort of, since I didn’t really start or end in the right keys.  But doing this usually helps get me unstuck with whatever I’m trying to figure out.

P.S. This isn’t turning out to be the daily project I had hoped it would be because of life, and busyness, and having multiple jobs.  But there will be 30 days of Improv, probably over the course of the next month or so.