How to keep your sanity while working a day job

I feel like getting too caught up in a job is something that happens to artists and actually almost any young person coming out of college now.  Our generation has had it rough, no jobs, what used to be an entry-level job that paid you money (that you could then use for rent and food) … Continue reading How to keep your sanity while working a day job

December 1st

I hope everyone made it through Nov. 30, aka OMG all of these applications are due TOMORROW! For those of you recovering your sanity, here are my favorite internet things for you to peruse as you bask your post-application deadlines glow. Some new music to give you a break from Bach and Mozart: Eleven Echoes … Continue reading December 1st


While I love music, it's the other things in my life that keep me sane and give me perspective.  One of those things is books.  I love books, the stories, the characters, the imaginary land that it all happens in.  Reading fiction is becoming a lost, what is the point of stories that aren't even … Continue reading Books